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She and her father are Spanish Jews who fled the Inquisition after her mother was burned as a heretic.

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Finding refuge in Protestant England, the Greens observe Christian rituals in public, but privately they still honor the old ways. One day Hannah attracts the attention of a shop customer, handsome Lord Dudley, by innocently revealing that she has the gift of second sight—a particularly useful gift in these uncertain times, when it seems that Protestant Edward will be succeeded by Catholic Mary. Hannah becomes an aide to Lord Dudley, who recommends her to the young king to be his Fool.

Her loyalties divided, fearful that she and her father are vulnerable in Catholic England, Hannah relies on her wits to survive threats, intrigue, and danger.

The Queen's Fool

She must also decide whether she will marry Daniel, a family friend, to whom she is officially betrothed. Tudor England is not a merry place, but Hannah is no fool. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again. Be the first to discover new talent! Like some other readers I am irritated by the 2nd sight fantasies but fantasy and magic are a common theme with this author, particularly in her earlier novels.

Ms Gregory seemingly cannot refrain from the hatchet job sexual stereotype of a scheming child using her sexual charms to gain advantage. The description of Elizabeth I in this book is unjustified.

Review of Philippa Gregory novel: “The Queen’s Fool”

Elizabeth stayed alive by her wits not her sexual attraction and she did not hate her sister with the passion portrayed in this book. The flirtation with Philip of Spain is not historical. Yes he was interested but not as a result of overpowering passion.

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Like Elizabeth, Phiippe did things for political reasons including his marriage to Queen Mary. By most accounts Elizabeth found his marital intentions frightening and it only emerged shortly before the death of Queen Mary. There is no doubt that he used his influence to protect Elizabeth from a traitor's death but that again is a very politically astute action.

She was likely to be the next Queen. I liked the symathetic portrayal of Queen Mary. She was by nature as a child kind and generous with strong moral convictions. Historians now recognize that her cruel sufferings as a child and young woman had taken its toll and did affect her ability to govern. In particular, she could not control her obsession with religious persecution or moderate its practice based on any practical concerns about her popularity and the well being of her country.

This portrayel of Mary suggests that to some extent, jealousy and revenge fuelled her religious obsession which then allowed Mary to indulge it through to her valid service to God. Very convenient, but very human and she was far from the first powerful monarch or churchman to fall prey to this notion.

Her portrayel of Lady Jane Grey is dead on in her reluctance to either marry or be Queen. She was a child victim of the manipulations of her family.

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The portrayel of Robert Dudley is fanciful but not inconsistent with his history. The book also contains an examination of the plight of the Jews in Europe at that time and the sufferings of Jews in Spain and the frantic flight of many of them to other countries including Britain. The destruction of learning was also described but it is important to remember that the destruction of learning was carried out by Protestants as well as Catholics.

On the whole, I would recommend this book but don't imagine that you are being given a history book. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

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The Queen's Fool : A Novel |

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You can go to cart and save for later there. The Queen's Fool : A Novel. Average rating: 3. Philippa Gregory. Philippa Gregory. If you like that sort of thing — as I do — you really should pick it up. Hannah da Verde saw her mother burned at the stake as a heretic in Spain. She and her father fled to England and changed their name to Green, hoping for a more peaceful and safe existence.

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But there will be no safety anywhere for Hannah and her father, for they are Jewish, and their presence is outlawed in every country in western Europe. They scrupulously observe every Christian ritual in public, and in private do their best to keep kosher and obey the half-forgotten laws of their people. Deception is second-nature to Hannah.

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Hannah also has the Sight. On the day she meets a handsome lord named Robert Dudley she has a vision of an angel. She is to spy on Edward for the Dudleys, and report to them any wisdom that her Sight grants her. She has no choice: they suspect that her family is Jewish, and will expose her if she does not agree.