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  1. What Does the End of the World Look Like? A Q&A with the Author of 'End Times'
  2. The Doomsday Clock says it's almost the end of the world as we know it. (And that's not fine.)
  3. End of the World - When Will The World End
  4. The End of the F***ing World season 2 cast: Who's in it?

The minute hand didn't move since last year. But p.

What Does the End of the World Look Like? A Q&A with the Author of 'End Times'

So why are we so close to destruction? Nuclear weapons and climate change, experts say. Running the Doomsday Clock is a full-time job. As for climate change, "global carbon dioxide emissions -- which seemed to plateau earlier this decade -- resumed an upward climb in and ," the Bulletin said. Climate change is the biggest risk to business and the world. Fact-checking climate claims by Trump and AOC. The scientists lambasted President Donald Trump's announcement to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord , "the main global accord on addressing climate change.

The Doomsday Clock hasn't always spelled doom and gloom since it was first introduced in the s.

The Doomsday Clock says it's almost the end of the world as we know it. (And that's not fine.)

But before the clock struck p. Scientists develop a weaponised biological substance which infects or consumes humanity. A powerful solar flare irradiates the Earth beyond liveable conditions. A massive asteroid hits the Earth and destroys the world as we know it. An evil from the past, probably magical or arcane, is awakened, and returns to destroy humanity. World War III involves the launching of nuclear missiles, with everyone dying either from the initial explosions or from the fallout. The LHC creates a black hole and destroys everything in the nearby galaxy.

The Sun expands, becomes what is called a Red Giant and its radius will be large enough to envelop the Earth. Scientific The Day the Earth Caught Fire Methodology Ape Uprising - World ape population: , Assuming 1 ape can overpower 3 humans, that's approximately ,in-2,,, or 1-in odds of the apes succeeding, should they develop intelligence and prove vengeful.

End of the World - When Will The World End

Odds of total extinction are less than that of giant monsters - 1-in-1,,, Vampires - Should vampires appear, their rate of reproduction is likely to be low. Final score: A plague or curse that turns humans into mindless zombies quickly spreads, until the whole human race is infected or undead. Superbugs have sprung up several times in the last few years, but none has yet succeeded in human extinction. While multiple bookmakers have offered odds on the end of the world, they've remained cryptic as to how they would make your payout.

Some background

The Biological Weapons Convention is supposed to prevent countries from developing, or using biological weapons, but this doesn't make the odds much longer. Apes evolve to be as intelligent as humans, and with their natural higher strength and ability, take over the world. Walsh agrees with Musk that there's a potential threat in A. There have been challenges in building A. Car companies trying to build driverless cars have come to accept that the complexity of human driving will take a long time for A.

But if it is possible, that's a different thing. If an A. But there's also the chance that the A. Humans might be completely irrelevant to its agenda, only facing punishment when there's pushback. Walsh points to Earth today, noting the large number of animals whose populations are under control.

The End of the F***ing World season 2 cast: Who's in it?

More than any wars and any natural disasters. At the same time, there's a certain natural evolutionary limit as to how a disease can develop. Incredibly virulent, kills north of three-quarters of the people affected by it, kills them very fast, kills them very awfully. But not really great at spreading. And that's in part because it's so virulent. It wipes you out before you're able to spread it very easily.

here Measles are incredibly contagious, but you're not bleeding out of your orifices. For extinctions, look to the animal world, Walsh says. Beyond some regionalized populations, a natural disease doesn't seem to kill off entire populations that easily. One way disease could travel with ease is through food, which people are eating more and more of each year.

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When Steven Sodebergh's film Contagion featured bat guano poorly handled during food prep as the starting point of a disease that decimates the human population, one scientist called it "one of the most accurate movies I have seen on infectious disease outbreaks of any type. Walsh agrees that there's a danger, even if it's on the lower side.

The risk comes from our deeply connected world. The iconic choice.

It's the first scenario mentioned in End Times , and the first that came to Walsh at the genesis of the book. The universe is out to get you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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