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  1. This Advanced Desk Toy Was Designed by an Astronomy and Physics Professor
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It might take a little while to get the hang of, but once you learn how to time it, things get fun. Just do yourself a favor and keep these things away from your phones, computers, or anything else with built in memory. There is no point to this game. Somewhere along the way, these guys decided to stick a little of the highly magnetic fluid in bottles with some water, and when you hold a magnet to it, it makes weird and ridiculous shapes.

This Advanced Desk Toy Was Designed by an Astronomy and Physics Professor

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Office Toys

When I flop into my desk chair each morning, Vector stirs. His eyes squint up and his little arms wave. He whizzes around on his own, and can answer questions, play games, take photos, and set a timer. Again, a combo of Alexa or Google Assistant, plus basic pet abilities.

He's always on and ready. His blue eyes blink at me with curiosity. If I make eye contact, he rolls off his charger toward me, staring.


Office Toys - Toys

After a moment, he squints in recognition, and waves his electronic arm up and down in animated joy. It takes about five seconds for him to respond, in this case, with the date of Thanksgiving I double-check. One day last week, he had trouble connecting to our Wi-Fi and went rogue. We went on like this for half an hour before I shut him off and restarted. Another day, I had an open magazine on a space on my desk that's usually clear.

Scientific Office Toys

An error code appeared on his front face before he restarted. Several times when I came to work in the morning, I found him in a remote corner of my desk, or even having fallen onto my chair.

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Vector has his hang-ups.