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Doors are not enough; we have to lock and bolt them.

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The payment of fares is not enough; tickets have to be issued, inspected and collected. Law and order are not enough; we need the police to enforce them. We cannot trust each other. We need protection against one another. It is a terrible indictment of human nature. God is so holy, that he cannot sin himself, or be the cause or author of sin in another.

He does not command sin to be committed, for to do so would be to cross his nature and will. On the contrary, as God is holy, all holy, only holy, altogether holy, and always holy, so sin is sinful, all sinful, only sinful, altogether sinful, and always sinful. As in God there is no evil, so in sin there is no good. God is the highest good and therefore sin is the highest of evils. As no good can be compared with God for goodness, so no evil can be compared with sin for evil. It is against the sovereignty of God.

Meaning that it says God isnt in control of all things. When we sin, we say to God that we know are in control of our lives and not him. Although we can believe that God is in control, when we sin, we lie about that truth. We say that we want to be our master, not God. When we sin, we say that we need something more than God. We may say that God is all sufficient for us, but our sinning says that we need more.

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God is everything we need, there is nothing lacking in him at all. Therefore, when we sin, we lie about this attribute of him. We are like the prodigal son that says there is somewhere better to be than here. When we sin, it says that we a smarter than God. That we know better than God does. This allows us to move forward. The European imperialist agenda, and the birth of Christianity, powered the deconstruction of traditional African practices.

What better way to control people than to disconnect them from their source of power? Africans found themselves in the middle of the worst treatment in Haiti. Using Vodou and physics, they were able to fight. Separation from home, family, and language are all an effort to strip power. Replacing the original, now-erased systems of tradition with pseudo-religion is a reprogramming that attacks the Black psyche with images of a white savior.

Anything good in Western society has been offered up in white-face. Black people in the US have been overexposed to the sad, solemn images of Africa.

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Anything associated with the continent has been discredited and vilified, including our ancient practices. Like many people of African descent, James has found comfort in remixing his spiritual foundation by taking aspects of various faith systems and using what works for him. The Ifa spiritual system is derived from the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

Santeria also has its roots in Yoruba culture.

Know another quote from The Vampire Diaries?

For many Afro-Cubans, there exists a duality in which they practice Catholicism publicly, and Santeria privately. At the heart of Ifa and Santeria are the Orishas, the deities of the religion whom are revered and known for their specific characteristics. Thanks to Beyonce, many of us now know a little something about Yoruba deities like Osun.

When we went away from that…look at us globally. Look at where we are. You lose your power. I talk to my dad everyday.


I cook for my ancestors. At the ashram, women enjoyed full freedom and equal rights, there was complete religious tolerance, and caste distinctions were ignored. The salt march of is a good example of Gandhi 's nonviolence, or satyagraha he called it from satya truth and graha strength. To protest at the government's salt tax, Gandhi proposed a mile march from Ahmedabad to the coastal town of Dandi.

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The salt tax charged the Indian people for a basic human necessity and prevented them making their own salt. Gandhi wrote to the Viceroy, Lord Irwin, explaining his intentions: "My ambition is no less than to convert the British people through nonviolence, and thus make them see the wrong they have done to India". When the marchers reached the sea, they started making salt from the sea-water, thus breaking the law. This gesture led to civil disobedience breaking out in many parts of India.

The second stage of the campaign was to try and take over the salt works at Dharasana. Volunteers marched towards the salt works and, as policemen struck them down with heavy sticks, more volunteers came forward to take their place. Although thousands more arrests were made, the Viceroy decided it was a stalemate and he held talks with Gandhi, which resulted in the Salt Acts being interpreted more humanely and in an agreement that Gandhi could represent his Congress Party at the Round Table Conference in London.

The Conference led nowhere but the salt march gave Indians self-respect and confidence that they could gain independence. India finally became independent in but Gandhi was unhappy with the settlement because it divided India into two states - India and Pakistan - the first largely for Hindus, the second largely for Muslims. Gandhi did his best to pacify the violence between Hindus and Muslims and his work achieved some success.

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But in he was shot and killed by a fellow Hindu who believed Gandhi was betraying the Hindus by working for reconciliation. In the years following independence, the Government led by Nehru Gandhi's former disciple ignored Gandhi's schemes for revitalising the villages.